Domestic sales of AC foaming agent

Name Region QQ Tel E-mail
Wan Yanfeng Domestic sales of AC   +86-13879899777 [email protected]
Gao Jianliang AC sales in Guangdong 513309293 +86-13879810966 [email protected]
Li Shenghua AX sales in Zhejiang   +86-13319388878 [email protected]
Gan Minghua Salesman   +86-13307985291 [email protected]
Cu Weiping Shishui   +86-15570398866 [email protected]
Jiang Qixue AC sales in Fujian and Northern China 374375945 +86-13879812311 [email protected]
Wang Kun Salesman, AC sales in Jiangsu 281643933 +86-13879827085 [email protected]
Xie Haokun AC in Fujian 664728254 +86-15079819589 [email protected]
Li Junlong


510700242 +86-18870390922 [email protected]

Tel: +86-798-6806866
Fax: +86-798-6806388

Export of AC

Name Tel QQ E-mail
Wang Aimin +86-13707982140    
Xiao Youzhi +86-13979874633 314949107 [email protected]
Yuan Cui +86-15107085746 546022149 [email protected]
Zou Xiaofei +86-13517981966 8232541 [email protected]
Peng Yuanyuan +86-18279866058 1355640350 [email protected]
Song Shaoxuan +86-13607983539 3390734803 [email protected]

Tel: +86-798-6806888/6806033
Fax: +86-798/6806888

Domestic sales of chlor-alkali and thionyl chloride

Products Contact Person Wechat ID E-mail QQ Alibaba members
Thionyl chloride Xu Chuanhuang Lpxch5355 [email protected] 1416232173 jd5355
Pan Xianwei 13767832526 [email protected]    
Chlor-alkali products Xu Chuanhuang Lpxch5355 [email protected] 1416232173 jd5355
Wang Xiaoming 13319382120 [email protected]    
Wang Tao 13767822356 [email protected] 2297014430  
Yu Chao 13970397170 [email protected] 529371643  

Tel: Thionyl chloride+86-798-6806468; Chlor-alkali: +86-798-6806469, 6806865
Fax: +86-798-6806404

AC Marketing: +86-798-6806866 6806888(Foreign Trade)    Thionyl Chloride Marketing: +86-798-6806468    Chlor-alkali Marketing:+86-798-6806469    Dimethylol Propionic Acid/Dimethylol Butanoic Acid:+86-798-6806178

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